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Main Switchboard: (307)253-2000
Main Fax: (307)253-2066
Attendance Office: (307)253-2189
Activities/Athletic Office: (307)253-2159
Activities/Athletic Fax: (307)253-2066
Counseling Office: (307)253-2190
Counseling Fax: (307)253-2012
Library: (307)253-2015
Nurse: (307)253-2026

Complete Staff Directory

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faculty Adams, Carla - Program Specialist
faculty Alvar, Tracy - Building Food Services Manager
faculty Ambrosino, Annette - Registrar
faculty Anderson, Darcie - ESP
faculty Asay, Chris - Fine Arts
faculty Asay, Whitney - Campus Security Officer

faculty Bailey, Holly - SPED
faculty Bandalos, Cara - Foreign Language
faculty Bandalos, Tess - ESP
faculty Barkell, Stacey - Math
faculty Barreda, Anne - Foreign Language
faculty Barrett, Ginger - ESP
faculty Bekke ,Christi - Business
faculty Bennion, Liz - Math
faculty Blain, Ciara - Language Arts
faculty Booth, Karenna - Language Arts
faculty Box, Jo - IT Support Technician
faculty Brack, Micade - Social Studies
faculty Brauchie, Nancy - Tutor
faculty Britt, Mike - Head Principal
faculty Brown, Katie - Tutor
faculty Brown, Matt - IT Support
faculty Brown, Mimi - ESP
faculty Bunton, Clarissa - ESP
faculty Burns, Dawn - SPED
faculty Buschow, Tyler - Custodian
faculty Byer, Becky - Math
faculty Byer, Warren - Custodian

faculty Campbell, Melissa - SPED
faculty Cantrell, Brynn - SPED
faculty Carlsen, Carol - PE/PIC
faculty Carlson, Alicia - Office & Records Assistant
faculty Cavalier, Angie - Math
faculty Chadderdon, Bryan - Science
faculty Chavez, Jeff - Industrial Tech
faculty Chavez, Harley - SPED
faculty Chavez, Frankie - Head Custodian
faculty Chavez, Yvette - ESP
faculty Choma, Marial - Counselor
faculty Christensen, Julie - Custodian
faculty Clark, Andrew - Custodian
faculty Coventry, Bryan - Language Arts
faculty Cummings, Mikayla - ESP
facultyCummings, Makayla - ESP
faculty Cypher, Mikayla - Social Studies

faculty Davis, Lori - Cafeteria
faculty Deacon, Kelli - Secretary
facultyDelaney, Shawn - Social Studies
faculty Delinger, Dusti - ESP
faculty DePaolo, Gary- Fine Arts
faculty Dudack, Mike - Science
faculty Dundas, Andrea - ELL
faculty Dunn, Michaela - ESP

faculty Eggleston, Genee - ESP
faculty Ellsworth, Becky - FACS
faculty Evans, Irone - Custodian

faculty Finch,Tammy - PE
faculty Findley, Johanna - Math
faculty Flammang, Bryce - Business
faculty Fleming, Marc - Social Studies
faculty Foery, Susan - SPED

faculty Gale, Barbara - ESP
faculty Galloway, Katie - Language Arts
faculty Gannon, Erin - SPED
faculty Gibson, Stacie - ESP
facultyGilbert, Susie-ESP
faculty Glock, Grant - Math
faculty Goodrich, Jennifer - Tutor
faculty Greene, Karen - ESP
faculty Greenwood, Katherine - ESP

faculty Hageman, Kyra - FACS/Testing
faculty Hansen, Terry - Campus Supervisor / ESP
faculty Hanson, Sarah - Fine Arts
faculty Harms, Heather - SPED
faculty Hawthorne, Kerri - Accounting Specialist
faculty Hayward, Marci - ESP
faculty Hebert,Dustin- Fine Arts
faculty Heckel, Angela - Custodian
faculty Henry, Chris - Drivers Ed
faculty Hevenor, Tracylee - Admin. Manager
faculty Higgins, Desiree - Foreign Language
faculty Hilde, John - SPED
faculty Hockley, Bill - SPED
faculty Hof, Dan - SPED Psychologist
faculty Howard, Kaylene - ESP
faculty Howery, Steve - Language Arts
faculty Hudson, Dusty - Industrial Tech
faculty Huffman, Kora - Industrial Tech
faculty Hutzenbieler, Dylan - Math

faculty Itzen, Carla - Language Arts

faculty Jerding, Cassidy - Social Studies
faculty Johnson, Chellsie - Personal Trainer

faculty Kalinowski, Isaac- Fine Arts
faculty Kasza, Paul - Science
faculty Kemberling, Laura - Cafeteria
faculty Kennedy, Traci - Fine Arts

faculty Lane, Marcia - Cafeteria
faculty Lattimer, Todd - PE
faculty Lemmon, Danita - ESP
faculty Lijewski, Jenifer- PE
faculty Lowry, Dee - Cafeteria
faculty Luis, Alessandra - ESP
faculty Lunemann, Tom - ESP

faculty Maffin, Lorenzo - Auditorium Technician
faculty Makelky, Aaron - Social Studies
faculty Malody, Heather - Math
faculty Markwardt, Jennifer - SPED
faculty Markworth, Jeri - ESP
faculty Martinez, Becky - Nurse
faculty Martinovich, Laura - Language Arts
faculty Masterson, Liz - Language Arts
faculty McCoy, Inga - Foreign Language/Social Studies
faculty Meyers, Ryan - Tutor/PE
faculty Miller, Hannah - Language Arts
faculty Minahan, Caitlin - Office Assistant
faculty Mittelstadt, Bryce - Social Studies
faculty Morgan, Tasha - Math
faculty Moudy, Austin - Science
faculty Munoz, Brenda - ESP
faculty Murdock, Jason - Tutor

faculty Nathan, AJ - Assistant Principal
faculty Newman, Kris - CTE
faculty Nogle, Brooke - Physical Education

faculty Oates, Sally - Physical Education
faculty O'Connor, John - College Facilitator
faculty Olsen, Chase- PE
faculty Olsen, Mary - Cafeteria
faculty Ostlund, Katie - SPED
faculty Owens, Ryan - CTE

faculty Paris, Maria - World Languages
faculty Patmore, Eric - Marine JROTC
faculty Patmore, Valerie - Counseling Reception
faculty Patterson, Kara - ESP
faculty Payne, Tiffany- Campus Supervisor
faculty Payne, Tracy - ESP
faculty Peak, Travis - Fine ARts
faculty Pickering, Park - CTE
faculty Pickering, Fred - Marine JROTC
faculty Pickinpaugh, Linda - ESP
faculty Pierce, Kara - ESP
faculty Pribbernow, Michelle - SPED
faculty Pribbernow, Rachel - ESP

faculty Quiett, Roy - ESP

facultyRamirez, Melanee - SPED Secretary
faculty Rate, Marla - Nurse
faculty Realing, Jerry - Science
faculty Reed, Brandie - Language Arts
faculty Reimer, Duane - Business
faculty Rivera, Ryan - Math
faculty Robb, Eric - Math
faculty Roberson, Alicyn - Science
faculty Robinson, Ally - Secretary
faculty Rodabaugh, Tom - Math
faculty Roden, Randy - Science
faculty Rooney, Katrina - Choir Director
faculty Rose, Brent - Band Director
faculty Robino, Jessica - Social Studies

faculty Sandrey, John - Custodian
faculty Saylors, Amanda- Counsler
faculty Sanger, Malonye - Career Center
faculty Schafer, Brandon - Social Studies
faculty Schanck, Ben - Social Studies
faculty Schell, Casey - Counselor
faculty Schilling, Sue - Social Worker
faculty Schreurs, Ashley - Science
faculty Scott, Donna - FACS
faculty Scott, Jeniferlyn - ESP
faculty Shafer, Stephanie- Assistant Principal
faculty Sharpe, Chad - Science
faculty Sheaff, John - Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
faculty Shutts, John - ESP
faculty Sibrel, Jordan - PE
faculty Sims, Micheal- PE
faculty Singleton, Teresa- Cafeteria
faculty Slotsve, Kaoru - World Languages
faculty Smith-Herron, Tabitha - Language Arts
faculty Spaulding, Jim - Math
faculty Strand, Becky - Language Arts
faculty Stricklin, Bart - PE
faculty Strube, Devon- Social Studies
faculty Studards, Tina - Science
faculty Sutton, Mary - Secretary

faculty Thompson, Jill - Business
faculty Tipps, Jamie - Language Arts
faculty Tripp, Lea - Custodian
faculty Trujillo, Ernest - Costodian
faculty Trupp, Todd - Science
faculty Tuomi, Sara - Math
faculty Tuttle, Wayne- Assistent Principal
faculty Tyson, Lisa - ESP

faculty Uppleger, Kelly -SPED

faculty Vance, Jon - CTE
faculty VanErt, Erika - Language Arts
faculty Volker, Paula- Social Studies

faculty Wassink, Jon- Custodian
faculty Wassink, Tanya - Social Studies
faculty Wessollek, Michelle - ESP
faculty West, Jeniferlyn - ESP
faculty West, Kevin - ESP
faculty West, Tim - ESP
faculty White Eagle, Lori- SPED
faculty White Eagle, Perry - PE
faculty Whitley, Jolene - Counselor
faculty Wilcox, Austin- Custodian
faculty Williams, Beth - Math
faculty Williams, Trish - Science
faculty Wilson, Lacey - Language Arts
faculty Wise, Cynthia - ESP
faculty Wood, Kristina - Office Manager
faculty Wood, Sundea- Office & Records Assistent

faculty Yeigh, Aaron - SPED

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